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Range of Exhibits

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Exhibition Scope
Smart Retail Industry Brands
Smart stores, smart convenience stores, smart supermarkets, smart restaurants, omnichannel experience stores, smart fresh food stores, smart community service stores, smart cafeterias,  self-service coffee shops, etc.
Smart Retail Solutions
▪Smart retail solutions, smart store digital operation solutions, online shopping mall construction solutions, new retail online and offline integration solutions, AI retail solutions, business intelligence solutions, etc.;

Passenger flow statistical analysis systems, location tracking system, regional residence time analysis systems, data mining and analysis systems, commodity digital analysis systems, member digital management systems, cloud storage, big data cloud management platform systems, intelligent supply chain management systems, POS systems, ERP systems, payment ▪systems, artificial intelligence software and systems, electronic article surveillance (EAS), burglary-resisting installation, video surveillance, etc.;

▪Self-service detection and tracking systems, commodity information collection technology,  biological feature autonomic perception and learning systems, consumer image portray, Internet of Things, blockchain, voice assistant, customer perception technology, intelligent guidance systems, intelligent interactive systems, multimedia display systems, digital display systems, somatosensory intelligent interactive systems, etc.;
▪Face recognition technology, image recognition technology, biometric technology, weight sensing systems, electronic tags, radio frequency identification technology (RFID), human-robot interaction systems, intelligent robot distribution systems, AI-retail related technologies and applications, etc.;
▪Intelligent cash registers, QR code, barcode equipment, advertising machines, AIO PC, intelligent display screen, display design and display equipment, modern logistics distribution technology and equipment, etc.
Unmanned Retail Equipment and Systems
▪Unattended convenience stores, unmanned supermarkets, self-service restaurants, unattended fresh food shops, self-service adult products stores, etc.;
▪Smart vending machines, AI retail machines, food & drink vending machines, self-service food ordering machines, self-service entertainment machines, smart cabinetry, smart shelf, AR intelligent fitting rooms, AR smart makeup mirror, etc. ;
▪Self-service cash registers and systems, self-checkout channels, automatic checkout and related currency solutions, mobile payments, bio-payments, third-party payment platforms, etc.