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Businesses of Smart Retail Are Gradually Returning to Work in China!

Date:2020-04-29 09:04:13

Businesses of Smart Retail Are Gradually Returning to Work in China!

By SRE Committee


As the COVID-19 epidemic in China has been preliminarily curbed, many smart retail companies here have resumed running, such as Xingxing Refrigeration, a brand exhibitor of the 3rd Guangzhou Int'l Smart Retail Expo (SRE 2020), which received surging overseas orders from 200,000 to 480,000 after their resumption of production.


Facing 300+ customers in 100+ countries, their overseas salespersons started to work online from Jan 30. Over 200 online meetings, explicit production plan and delivery schedule as production resumed upped its customers’ confidence.

The first overseas order was delivered successfully three days after their resumption, and 90% of the productivity has recovered up to the end of Feb. All of these were inseparable from the back of government teams in transport, customs, and etc.


The same as Xingxing, many smart retail companies in China are turning the disruption from the epidemic into development acceleration. In Zhejiang and Guangdong, both major smart retail industry clusters in China, respectively over 90% and 82% of companies with annual revenue upon $2.88 million have resumed operations. 


Increasing resumption of work and production also gives us strong confidence in the successful holding of SRE 2020 this August. All exhibitors are eager to show off their latest products and technologies for worldwide purchasers! If you want to know more about them, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


What's more, a great thanks to everyone concerned about us these days and wish all of you can protect yourself from the virus as it has gone global. Hope that China’s experiences in controlling the epidemic could provide vital lessons for the global response. 


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