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Media Partner Combating the Impact of COVID-19

Date:2021-03-16 15:03:35

Although businesses around the world have different styles and procedure standards, there is one thing on which they seem to agree: businesses have taken a hit.


The 2019 pandemic has raised challenges for every industry, without any exception, from education to B2B companies; everyone endured the recession. With strict lockdown across various countries, economic activities were generally declined. For B2B Ecommerce, these challenges translated to operational and digital issues. Inconstant consumer behavior, amplified website traffic, supply chain disruption, return rates, etc.

To address the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, has developed efficient strategies and certain best practices. Here is what did so far to optimize its sales and improve its online platform performance.

Experts at analyzed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and based on the procured data and expertise; they concluded a few strategies that helped them to sustained and thrive. has listed the following strategies and best practices for B2B eCommerce to combat COVID-19:
· Maturing better business relationships with the existing and loyal customers by offering them maximal support throughout the challenging times.
· Ensuring that the website is always up to date with the latest products to meet customer demands and updating the website to complement the high user traffic.
· Ensuring a hassle-free business transaction process so the traders across the world could continue to trade even in the face of a global pandemic.
· Displaying real-time prices


Established in 2003, is one of the leading B2B marketplaces that provide smart solutions to address international trade challenges. Operating in more than 240+ countries, helps its customers see beyond the local capacities and tap into international business scope. With the aim to connect businesses with international buyers, it has operational units across the world for smooth business activities.